Ayurveda Treatment for Diabetes in Tamil Nadu

Ayurveda treatment is becoming increasingly popular, with many chronic conditions responding to it well. Conventional medicine frequently relies on lifelong medication, on which patients come to depend. Many medications have side-effects, and withdrawal symptoms that, if the medications are later discontinued, can become problematic. In such circumstances, ayurveda has much to offer.

Dr. E Shaji Raj, who has been practising in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, is a relentless researcher, Evolutionist has given a completely new interpretation of the Ayurvedic treatment for Diabetes. All our Medicines are clear arka medicine, traditional yet completely different in disease treatments.

Diet for Patients on Insulin Shots

Dia-Drops Dosage : 3ml / 3 times to 5 times as prescribed by the Doctor

Recommended Diet and lifestyle

6 am wake up
1 single piece raw garlic chew and eat
2 lemon juice with water no salt no sugar
1 glass sour buttermilk made from unpasteurised milk
6 am to 7 am
Dia-Drops - Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
1 cup of kanji without sugar without milk and then (make the kanji powder with equal quantity of sprouted Kamba, ragi, flax seeds, barley, full oats . All roasted and powdered together. When you make kanji use one table spoon of powder for one person.)
10 minutes slow jogging
10 minutes exercise
10 minutes weight training
10 minutes deep breathing
6 am
Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
One big bowl of uncooked green grams sprouts salad made with 1 cup of green gram sprouts 1 medium chopped onion, 1 medium chopped tomato. 1 small grated carrot, little chopped coriander, 1/2 a lemon juice, 1 table spoon grated coconut,salt and chilli to taste. Mix everything and eat.
One or two boiled egg
One cup green tea without milk or sugar
12.30 pm
Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
100g of cabbage / cauliflower/broccoli/ Brussels sprout/ kale cooked in any way, No potatoes or Tapiocas or any starchy vegetables allowed
100g cooked fish or chicken without skin or fats
1 small cup cooked rice or 1 chapattis or 1 dosa or 1 idli
1 lemon juice mixed in a small glass water
4 pm
Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
100g roasted peanuts or 60 grams almonds or 60 grams walnuts
1 cup tea without sugar
4.30 pm
15 min brisk walk
10 min exercise
10 min weights training
6.30 to 7 pm
Dia-Drops - Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
Big bowl of salad with 2 tbs of olive oil 50g to 100g without skin or fats chicken or mutton or beef cooked. If your creatinine levels are high do not eat red meat.
One cup cooked green peas or channa or Kadala or any other dal cooked in any style you like, only if your blood sugar is coming down, 1 lemon juice mixed with a glass of water
Carbohydrate is not the only nutrient that raises blood glucose levels even unabsorbed fats also can cause this problem. Not only eating raises your blood sugar not eating on time also raises your sugar. So please eat small meals just sufficiently quantity so that you can eat again every 4 hours. Please do not eat any type of sugar, jaggery, artificial sweeteners when you are on this diet. Please do not eat fruits till your is under total control. The best fruits are least sugary fruits.
Please expose in bright sun at least 20 minutes a day Please try and sleep for 7 to 8 hours. Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day in between meals. Dehydration increases Blood sugar levels. Also water is necessary for the body to get rid of toxins

We are Punarjanis Life Sciences an Ayurvedic Company of Dr.Shaji Raj, who is the 4th generation Ayurvedic Doctor, has done extensive research and come out with the medical solution for many health problems.

Muscle tension and strain due to

Poor posture
Working at a desk for too long without changing position
Sleeping with your neck in a bad position
Jerking your neck during exercise
Jerking your neck during exercise
Jerking your neck during exercise

Injury : The neck injury due to falls, sports or sudden jerking of the head that is whiplash.

Heart attack. Neck pain can also be a symptom of a heart attack if it has other symptoms like shortness of breath, sweating, vomiting or jaw pain

Rheumatoid arthritis causes pain, swelling of the joints, and bone spurs. When these occur in the neck area, neck pain can result.

Osteoporosis weakens bones and can lead to small fractures. This condition often happens in hands or knees, but it can also occur in the neck

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes muscle pain throughout the body, especially in the neck and shoulder region.

Spondylosis, or osteoarthritis of the neck. This can narrow the space between the vertebrae. It also adds stress to your joints.

When a disk protrudes, as from a trauma or injury, it may add pressure on the spinal cord or nerve roots. This is called a herniated cervical disk, also known as a ruptured or slipped disk.

Spinal stenosis occurs when the spinal column narrows and causes pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve roots as it exits the vertebrae. This can be due to long-term inflammation caused by arthritis or other conditions.

In rare instances, neck stiffness or pain occurs due to congenital abnormalities, infections, abscesses, tumors or cancer of the spine.

If you have a neck pain that continues for more than a week or accompanied by other symptoms please call/visit our clinic for a free consultation and course of treatment. All our treatments are structured to suit individuals and medicines are non steroidal anti inflammatory 100% ayurvedic arka preparations. They have no side effects and does not make you dependent and hence sad for long term use.

The spine and Neck pain treatment will be done after preparing the whole body with internal medication for receiving the Treatment. MRI is advised in some cases but this will be confirmed after physical examination by our Doctor. Depending on the intensity of the problem our treatments are structured. In some cases the patient is asked to take Panchakarma treatments for the affected part or even the whole body.