Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Problem

India has been witnessing a rise in liver disease cases. Sedentary lifestyle, increase in non-communicable disorders likehypertension, obesity, and diabetes, etc have led liver disease to become the 10th most common cause of death.

- Around 10 lakh patients of liver cirrhosis are newly diagnosed every year in India. - Liver disease is the tenth most common cause of death in India as per the World Health Organization.
- Liver disease may affect every one in 5 Indians.
- Liver Cirrhosis is the 14th leading cause of deaths in the world and could be the 12th leading cause of deaths in the world by 2020.
- Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), or a cancer in the liver, is the second most common cause of death due to malignancy in the world.
Dr.E.Shaji Raj presents the world’s First and Finest Ayurvedic Arka Medicines. These Medicines are not some supplements but a complete Medicine, full of strength to treat any diseases better like modern medicine. He has excellent knowledge on ayurvedha and has evolved a unique style for himself, setup an Ayurvedic Hospital in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

What causes liver problems?

Eating large meals, skipping meals, wrong food, wrong timings are some of the reasons for starting the Liver problem. Also being emotionally volatile, Run for anything in life to the point of ignoring your body is harmful for your Liver. Excess calories and a sedentary lifestyle is also very bad for your liver. By doing any or all of these you are actually starting a HORMONAL WAR within you against your own body. Last but not the least to mention, when you Alcohol abuse your body, you are slow poisoning your liver. This is the same when you often take any western medicine. The liver understands that as a foreign body and tries to maximum push it out. Also all the overloaded medicines that come out of the liver are treated by body as chemicals and they destroy organs like Liver and Kidney

How to treat Liver Problems and detox Liver? What is the best Medicine?

Liver drops An Ayurvedic ark is beneficial for people who are on prolonged medications, as it helps to maintain liver health and heal any damage due to chemicals .It helps in increasing metabolism and the appetite. It can also be taken as a common diet supplement by all because it detoxifies the liver, promotes strength and helps in maintaining the good health. Liver drops functions to remove toxins from the body and clears any obstructions in the gall bladder. It also promotes the flow of bile into the intestine, especially as a result of contraction of the gallbladder and promotes liver functions for proper digestion. The formula restores liver cells damaged due to chemicals.

100% Ayurvedic Arka Medicine Extracted from 10 Ayurvedic ingredients such as Arjuna, Guduchi, Kaduki, Nimbi, Chitrakam, Devadaru, Haridra,, Sathahva, Padola, Hagmola

No Heavy metals, colours, preservatives, Hidden sugars. Safe for Long Use.

Liver function Tests - Normalises SGOT/SGPT/ Bilirubin
Protects - Liver from scarring
Regenerates - Helps the liver to restore damaged cells
Detox - Liver & kidneys of toxins
Alcohol abuse - Flushes toxins from body due to alcohol
Alcohol abuse - Flushes toxins from body due to alcohol
Protects liver from jaundice and viral infections
Cleanses liver from Drug induced Liver Toxicity
Anti inflammatory - Helps heal infections to liver and kidneys
Used for Liver health along with Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy
Helps fight oxidative stress to the body
No hidden sugar, colour, preservative
100% Ayurvedic arka preparation. Safe for long use.

The Ayurvedic management of liver disease includes correct lifestyle and diet management along with use of some herbs which can effectively treat the condition. Dr. E. Shaji Raj is one among the very few who can compose medicine formulations from the various herbs to relieve a patient of a specific condition.