Diabetes is one of the concerning problems in the country, and that’s one of the reasons why doctors and the medical board are focusing on getting the most appropriate treatment.  Ayurvedic medicines are completely natural and the medical formulas are derived from the herbal compounds. This makes ayurveda one of the best diabetes remedies.

A single Ayurvedic medicine can address all issues that a diabetic person faces like muscle weakness, exhaustion, sugar metabolism and so on. Since its 100 percent natural, there is no side effect, which means diabetic patients can also lead wholesome and happy lives.

Let’s take a look on one of the successful diabetic treatment of Punarjani Life Sciences

In case of a 45 year old diabetic patient who was diabetic for about 18 years shared his experiences before and after treatment with Dr.Shaji Raj. He had admitted in hospital as his sugar readings went up about 450. He was not able to walk, sleep and his all other parameters was high. He had to take two types of insulins, one is fast acting and the other 24 hours acting. From hospital they advised that he can manage the sugar level himself by using insulin shots according to the up and down of sugar level. He has to increase the units of insulin to 10 units from 3 units. Even after taking insulin the sugar level was not coming down.

After that he looked for another alternative and happened to reach Punarjanis. After taking Dr.Shaji Raj’ medicines, his sugar level came down on the third day and became stabilized. There was considerable improvement not only in sugar reading all other parameters like Cholesterol, Thyroid became normal as well. Now he is able to do all types of exercises and feeling good after the treatment.

From the House of Ayurvedic Service of over 150 years, Dr.E.Shaji Raj presents the world’s First and Finest Ayurvedic Arka Medicines. These Medicines are not some supplements but a complete Medicine, full of strength to treat any diseases better like modern medicine.

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