Originating in ancient India, Ayurveda is a traditional medical practice with roots tracing back to 1000 BC. The primary medicines used in Ayurveda are derived from plants; however, metal, mineral, as well as marine- and animal- derived materials are also used. Currently, the Indian government controls all policy development, growth, and implementation of Ayurveda programs. Ayurvedic practitioners make use of individualized diet, exercise, and lifestyle as well as procedural, medicinal, and hebal prescriptions in order to bring their patient’s doshas into optimal balance.

We are Punarjanis Life Sciences an Ayurvedic Company of Dr.Shaji Raj, look at Diabetes as a Degenerative. Unlike the modern medicine which forces the pancreas to produce more insulin, our medicine works on the liver to keep the body to have Samaghni. It stimulates the brain for hormonal balance. It does not load your body with Insulin hormone and protects the body from inflammation.

WORLD’S FIRST PROPRIETORY AYURVEDIC ARKA for Prameha and Prameha Upadrava/Diabetes Melitus Type 1 and Type 2 – Dr.Shaji’s Dia-Drops

The properties of the medicine

100% Ayurvedic Arka made from Extracts of Medicinal plants, Herbs, Roots, Tree Barks in their purest forms Made from 19 ingredients like Dashamool, Harida, Ghadera, Guduchi, Amalaki, Ajamoda, Guggulu, Ghandaka, Aragvadha, Daruharira, Kiraata, Manjesta, Kaduka Nimba, Nalpamara, Bakuci, Sunni, Devadharu and Patula

World’s 1st Arka preparation for Prameha and Prameha Upadrava

Enhances glucose absorption in cells
Increased insulin sensitivity
Improves Metabolism
Fights degeneration
Detoxifies the Liver
Fully absorbed by the body. Leaves no toxins behind
Boosts Immunity
It is Prameha hara, Dipana, Hridya rasayana
Dia-drops can be used as a monotherapy and as an adjuant to existing modern treatment
Regulates glucose levels without Modern drug therapy in a large number of patients.
No hidden sugar bears use it is Ayurvedic
No preservatives
No artificial colours, flavours

Dr.E. Shaji is one among the very few who can compose medicine formulations from the various herbs to relieve a patient of a specific condition. We can assure you a drastic reduction in blood sugar readings and in many cases the blood sugar can be totally within range.

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