The prevalence of diabetes in the age group of 20 to 79 years stood high in Chennai and it’s rising. Our best Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes in Chennai and across India helps you to manage all kind of diabetes. Dr.E.Shaji Raj, the Chairman and Chief Physician at Punarjanis Life Sciences, provides best diabetes treatment in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Dr.E. Shaji Raj is one among the very few who can compose medicine formulations from the various herbs to relieve a patient of a specific condition.

We find that many of the patients who contact us are Diabetic for very many years. Not only their blood sugar is not managed well but also body has taken the beatings for so long a period. The Degeneration and other side effects of the Diabetes sets in. They come with severs body pain, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Atherosclerosis, Vascular complications, Diabetic Ulcers, Dryness of Skin and Retinopathy and all types of complications. They also experience weight loss, loss of skin texture, loss of body hairs, in short, aging is accelerated.

What is the best diabetes treatment programme?

We have an excellent programme to help our patients. This is very successful programme which helps you to be your own doctor in disease control. PATIENTS WHO OPT FOR THIS PROGRAMME,PLEASE SUBMIT OR COME WITH THE FOLLOWING LATEST REPORTS.

Fasting Insulin
Ultrasound scan of the Liver to check for Fatty LIver
Lipid Profile
Details of any surgery had
Details of Medication taken oral or injections
Any Drug allergies/Food allergies

Most important part of the treatment is that even when you are on oral or insulin injection, you can go ahead with treatment. You can also drastically reduce the medicine dosage you are using currently and in most of the cases the patient can come out of modern medicine alltogether.

With our 24/7 Assisted Recovery Diabetes programme we can assure you a drastic reduction in blood sugar readings and in many cases the blood sugar can be totally within range. We provide accomodation, diet food, Internal Medicines, External Therapies, exercises and yoga all during the stay with us.

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