Ayurvedic treatment provides best treatment for diabetes and a vast variety of health problems. From the House of Ayurvedic Service of over 150 years, Dr.E.Shaji Raj presents the world’s First and Finest Ayurvedic Arka Medicines. These Medicines are not some supplements but a complete Medicine, full of strength to treat any diseases better like modern medicine. We provide best diabetes treatment in India and make you free from serious complication of diabetes.

Best Diabetes Treatment

We are Punarjanis Life Sciences an Ayurvedic Company of Dr.Shaji Raj, who is the 4th generation Ayurvedic Doctor. He is a pulse diagnosis teacher for very many Ayurvedic Doctors. He travels around the world teaching and healing people.

Dr.E.Shaji Raj, the Chairman and Chief Physician at Punarjanis Life Sciences, hails from a family of great Ayurvedic lineage of over 150 years. In the foot steps of his forefathers, Dr.E.Shaji Raj set up an Ayurvedic Hospital in Chennai. Having excellent knowledge on ayurvedha he has evolved a unique style for himself.

Dr.E.Shaji Raj’s pulse diagnosis is one of its kind in the world. Dr.E.Shaji Raj is the doctor who takes pulse classes for Ayurvedic doctors all over the world. By his method of Nadi parisha our Dr.E.Shaji Raj can detect problems with major organs and can accurately say the health problems that a patient has and if not corrected the problems that can happen in the future, by reading the pulse.

Dr,E,Shaji Raj has evolutionize his medicine preparations. All his medicines are Arka preparations totally free of heavy metals, pesticides, sugar, artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives. Our medicines are extremely potent like modern medicine, palatable and easy on your digestive system. A researcher whose untiring work has given us the worlds first Ayurvedic arka medicine for Diabetes.

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