India is often called the ‘diabetes capital’ of the world and the burden has been skewed towards the urban centres. Now, a recent study has shown by how much – 26.1 percent urban respondents aged 60 years or more were diagnosed with high blood sugar levels. For Diabetes Treatment in India we are ahead in the field of Ayurveda. Diabetes can be reversible within 14 days treatment at Punarjani Life Sciences, an Ayurvedic Company of Dr.Shaji Raj at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Ayurveda is a highly evolved science where with one medicine, it is capable of healing whole group of Diseases. Diabetic patient should follow a systematic diet while treatment.

Diet for patients on Insulin shots

Dia-Drops Dosage : 3ml / 3 time to 5 times prescribed by the Doctor

Recommended Diet and lifestyle

6 am wake up

  • 1 single piece raw garlic chew and eat
  • 2 lemon juice with water no salt no sugar
  • 1 glass sour buttermilk made from unpasteurised milk

6 am to 7 am


  • Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
  • 1 cup of kanji without sugar without milk and then (make the kanji powder with equal quantity of sprouted Kamba, ragi, flax seeds, barley, full oats. All roasated and powdered together. When you make kanji use one table spoon of powde for one person.)
  • 10 minutes slow jogging
  • 10 minutes exercise
  • 10 minutes weight training
  • 10 minutes deep breathing

9 am

  • Dia-Drops
    Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
  • One big bowl of uncooked green grams sprouts salads made with 1 cup of green gram sprouts 1 medium chopped onion, 1 medium chopped tomato. 1 small grated carrot, little chopped coriander, 1/2 a lemon juice, 1 table spoon grated coconut, salt and chilli to taste. Mix everything n eat.
  • One or two boiled egg
  • One cup green tea without milk or sugar

12.30 pm

  • Dia-Drops
    Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
  • 100g of cabbage / cauliflower / broccoli / Brussels sprout / kale cooked in any way, No potatoes or Tapiocas or any starchy vegetables allowed
  • 100g cooked fish or chicken without skin or fats
  • 1 small cup cooked rice or 1 chapattis or 1 dosa or 1 idli
  • 1 lemon juice mixed in a small glass water

4 pm

  • Dia-Drops
    Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
  • 100g roasted peanuts or 60 grams almonds or 60 grams walnuts
  • 1 cup tea without sugar

4.30 pm

  • 15 min brisk walk
  • 10 min exercise
  • 10 min weights training

6.30 to 7 pm

  • Dia-Drops
    Please take Dia-drops as per dosage
  • Big bowl of salad with 2 tbs of olive oil 50g to 100g without skin or fats chicken or mutton or beef cooked. If your creatinine levels are high do not eat red meat.
  • One cup cooked green peas or channa or Kadala or any other dal cooked in any style you like, only if your blood sugar is coming down, 1 lemon juice mixed with a glass of water
  • Carbohydrate is not the only nutrient that raises blood glucose levels even unabsorbed fats also can cause this problem. Not only eating raises your blood sugar not eating on time also raises your sugar. So please eat small meals just sufficiently quantity so that you can eat again every 4 hours. Please do not eat any type of sugar, jaggery, artificial sweeteners when you are on this diet. Please do not eat fruits till your is under total control. The best fruits are least sugary fruits.
  • Please expose in bright sun at least 2 to 3 litres of water a day in between meals. Dehydration increases Blood sugar levels. Also water is necessary for the body to get rid of toxins

In addition, the principle of Balancing the Vata, Pitha Kapha acquires a strong Immunity from Diseases that one can get in the future. We can say allmost all diseases are treatable as per system of Ayurvedic Medicine.

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