India, with one of the largest and most diverse populations of people living with diabetes, experiences significant barriers in successful diabetes care. Like all chronic diseases, diabetes is also hard on a patient. Moreover, it can give way to several other diseases. The proper use of our medicines and therapies can facilitate significant glycemic control.

We look at diabetes as a Degenerative. Unlike the modern medicine which forces the pancreas to produce more insulin, our medicine works on the liver to keep the body to have Samaghni. It stimulates the brain for hormonal balance. It does not load your body with insulin hormone and protects the body from inflammation.

Let’s have a look on one of our successful diabetes treatment

One of our satisfied patients, who is diabetic for about ten years has come out of diabetes and maintained her blood sugar with our traditional and different treatment. To prevent acute complications she had to amputate her leg. After amputation she was taking insulin shots five times a day, still sugar was not under control.

Once she started taking our medicine, Dia Drops her sugar became normal within ten days. Afterwards she stopped taking insulin with our complete medicine. Now for about two years her sugar is normal and no any diabetic difficulties.

To successfully address the challenges in facing diabetes care, we have an excellent programme to help our patients. This is a very successful programme which helps you to be your own doctor in disease control. Dr.E Shaji Raj, who has been practising for almost 30 years, is a relentless researcher, Evolutionist has given a completely new interpretation of the Ayurvedic Medicines. All our medicines are clear arka medicine which is available all over India assures you a drastic reduction in blood sugar readings and in many cases the blood sugar can be totally within range.

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