The number of people affected by diabetes is rapidly increasing every year, and of late, even youngsters are affected by the disease. If you manage your diabetes properly, keep your sugar levels under control, adhere to a diabetic diet, you can lead a healthful life. Learning how to control diabetes, using more naturopathy treatments, home remedies and Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes-all of these can help you manage your diabetes in a more natural way.

Dr.E.Shaji Raj, the Chairman and Chief Physician at Punarjanis Life Sciences, hails from a family of great Ayurvedic lineage of over 150 years. Dr. E. Shaji Raj set up an Ayurvedic Hospital in Tamil Nadu. Having excellent knowledge on ayurvedha he has evolved a unique style for himself especially for diabetes treatment.

Why modern medicine not the right answer for diabetes?

Most of the treatments available in the world today focus on Pancreas and on giving insulin supplements.

There is a very big problem here. Is no insulin or weak insulin is the cause here?


To understand the problem my friends, insulin is not the only hormone responsible for blood sugar. There is another hormone AMYLIN has to secrete along with insulin from the pancreas to maintain blood sugar. One more hormone called LEPTIN which is stored in your fats is responsible for insulin. Even MELATONIN sleep hormone controls the insulin production. Your beta cells have to be in healthy numbers to produce insulin. Why are we talking about insulin even ANTI INSULIN HORMONES like GLUCAGON makes the body release the blood sugar in to your blood. All this is confusing for you is it not?

Not only the body has to manage the insulin but it has to make sure that all the other hormones are secreted in the right amount and right time. Please think is it even possible to correct all this if you keep taking insulin injections. One very important thing is, it is the perfect chemistry between all these hormones is what is doing the job of keeping the blood sugar healthy.

Please stop thinking that your problems are controlled just because you are taking insulin. Is it not time for a serious thinking for an alternate approach. If taking insulin is the solution then, why should people get gangrene and go for amputation.

Since the cause is not eliminated body starts degeneration in the form of degeneration of Pancreatic Beta cells, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, Atherosclerosis, Vascular complications, Diabetic Ulcers, Dryness of Skin and Retinopathy. In Ayurveda we call this state as Oja Nasha.

Also Anti-Diabetic Agents tends to dry out the body of glucose in an effort to reach effective glucose levels, resulting in reduced nourishment in cells of pancreas, liver and kidney. This results in further weight loss, loss of skin texture, loss of body hairs.

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