Ayurveda defines health as a condition where the body is clear of toxins and organs are functioning normally, the mind is at peace and emotions are calm and happy. Punarjanis Life Sciences is proud to offer one of the best panchakarma treatments in Chennai and beyond.

In a stressful and toxic environment, our physical and mental systems accumulate toxins causing deterioration in functioning of body-mind complex which opens the door for chronic, degenerative and non-specific diseases to develop. Turning to panchakarma treatment improve physical and mental health as well.

Let’s have a look on the benefits of Panchakarma

Detoxifies the body

The physiological equilibrium of the body is restored along with comfort and energy through the panchakarma treatment

Further, detoxification decreases the fat of the body, enhances the glow on the skin, improves the mental capacity and also eradicates insomnia and anxiety.

Improves digestion

Meditation and yoga is an integral aspect of the panchakarma therapy. Meditation and yoga significantly help in rebuilding muscles and strength. Further, it also releases toxins and harmful wastes. Yoga and meditation are one of the best ways to improve digestion.

Pulse analysis

As part of the Ayurvedic process of panchakarma, you can experience the pulse diagnosis. Panchakarma offers important insights regarding the imbalances in the three energies (doshas) of the body by reading the pulse of your body. With the pulse information, you can easily keep a track of the key health parameters of your body.

Improves the sleep pattern

It is safe to say that sleep is one of the key indicators of imbalance that is caused due to stress. The Panchakarma treatment focuses on improving your sleep cycle through the various body and mind rejuvenating techniques of the ancient Ayurvedic technique.

Besides the above mentioned, Ayurveda’s Panchakarma also helps to

  • slow down the aging process
  • restore the vitality of the body and improves mental clarity
  • strengthen the immune system
  • Clears out the blocked channels in the body
  • promote a sense of health and well-being

Dr.E.Shaji’s Raj’s pulse diagnosis is one of its kind in the world. Dr. E. Shaji Raj is the doctor who takes pulse classes for Ayurvedic doctors all over the world. By his method of Nadi parisha our Dr.E.Shaji Raj can detect problems with major organs and can accurately say the health problems that a patient has and if not corrected the problems that can happen in the future, by reading the pulse.

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