We have excellent solutions to Liver Diseases like fatty Liver, Jaundice, Hepatitis, Liver Damage due to Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy, Drug induced Liver Toxicity, Anorexia and Loss of Appetite. To know more, please read on..

Eating large meals, skipping meals, wrong food, wrong timings are some of the reasons for starting the Liver problem. Also being emotionally volatile, Run for anything in life to the point of ignoring your body is harmful for your Liver. Excess calories and a sedentary lifestyle is also very bad for your liver. By doing any or all of these you are actually starting a HORMONAL WAR within you against your own body. Last but not the least to mention, when you Alcohol abuse your body, you are slow poisoning your liver. This is the same when you often take any western medicine. The liver understands that as a foreign body and tries to maximum push it out. Also all the overloaded medicines that come out of the liver are treated by body as chemicals and they destroy organs like Liver and Kidney.

As per Ayurveda there are two factors Agni and Ama coexist like light and darkness. The desirable agni is known as sama agni. It is balanced metabolism. Food is easily digested and absorbed and balanced state of doshas and someone who is free from any major diseases. The Agnis responsible for Digestion and absorption has to work well. Since Liver being the major organ responsible for processing what goes in, it has to be de-toxified and protected from possible damages.

The liver forms and excretes bilirubin, helps digest carbohydrates, controls cholesterol metabolism, Formation of urea, serum albumin, clotting factors, enzymes, and numerous other proteins and also detoxifies all drugs and other foreign substances. So, your Liver is not functioning well it could affect any of these functions.

  • Jaundice (a yellowish discoloration of the skin and whites of the eyes)
  • Fatty Liver
  • Cholestasis (reduction or stoppage of bile flow)
  • Hepatomegaly (liver enlargement)
  • Portal hypertension (abnormally high blood pressure in the veins that bring blood from the intestine to the liver)
  • Fever can develop in viral or alcoholic hepatitis.
  • Right upper stomuch pain due to liver disorders
  • Usually results from distention
  • Erectile function
  • Diabetes

Liver drops An Ayurvedic ark is beneficial for people who are on prolonged medications, as it helps to maintain liver health and heal any damage due to chemicals .It helps in increasing metabolism and the appetite. It can also be taken as a common diet supplement by all because it detoxifies the liver, promotes strength and helps in maintaining the good health. Liver drops functions to remove toxins from the body and clears any obstructions in the gall bladder. It also promotes the flow of bile into the intestine, especially as a result of contraction of the gallbladder and promotes liver functions for proper digestion. The formula restores liver cells damaged due to chemicals.

100% Ayurvedic Arka Medicine Extracted from 10 Ayurvedic ingredients such as Arjuna, Guduchi, Kaduki, Nimbi, Chitrakam, Devadaru, Haridra,, Sathahva, Padola, Hagmola
No Heavy metals, colours, preservatives, Hidden sugars. Safe for Long Use.

  • Liver function Tests - Normalises SGOT/SGPT/ Bilirubin
  • Protects - Liver from scarring
  • Regenerates - Helps the liver to restore damaged cells
  • Detox - Liver & kidneys of toxins
  • Alcohol abuse - Flushes toxins from body due to alcohol
  • Protects liver from jaundice and viral infections
  • Cleanses liver from Drug induced Liver Toxicity
  • Anti inflammatory - Helps heal infections to liver and kidneys
  • Used for Liver health along with Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy
  • Helps fight oxidative stress to the body
  • No hidden sugar, colour, preservative
  • 100% Ayurvedic arka preparation. Safe for long use.


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