Doctor E.Shaji Raj with his vast experience of medicine formulations, backed by a legacy of 150 years of dedicated service in the field of Ayurveda brings you NABHAS. It is useful in treating cold, flu and influenza. Nabhas is a fast-acting Ayurvedic remedy which brings down fever whether it is due to viral/ bacterial infection or even seasonal flu quickly. Effective in relieving headache, body pain and all symptoms of fever. Even a single dose brings effective results.

Extracted from 21 unique Natural Herbs
Quick Remedy for Fever
Heals Sore throat, Cold,Cough
Relieves Head ache, Fatigue
Improves Immunity
Helps fight oxidative stress to the body
100% Ayurvedic Arka preparation
No Preservatives, artificial colours and safe for long use

It has immunomodulating properties along with antipyretic and anti-inflammatory properties. So it can be used as a preventive medicine to protect yourself from infections.
Jvara or Fever is a condition in which mind, sense organs and the body all are troubled. Fever is caused as a secondary impact of infection or other auto immuno diseases or inflammation. It is the body’s natural defence so that what causes the infection does not survive. when body temperature becomes very high, it dilate the blood vessels and increase sweating to reduce the temperature.
Fever, cold, cough, sour throat, breathing difficulties and body aches are associated with vatha and kapha imbalance. To treat the fever the body has to detox itself through sweat, urine, feces and blood. The patient has to drink sufficient water and fluids and remain hydrated.
The Liver functions will be low during fever and hence easily digestible food is advised such as porridge, kanji and vegetables and fruits. Animal products and milk products to be avoided till the body feels better.
Avoid day time sleep to improve night sleep. Total rest is a must.